Our philosophy

Our culture is defined by inclusiveness. Put simply, we believe that everyone can be included in the normal life that the lucky majority share.

Our values

We embrace integrity, transparency and compassion in all that we do, with all people that we interact with.

What we do

Primarily our helping hands are outstretched to those who are homeless. But our efforts also go beyond this, to include others who are socially excluded. This could be due to an array of factors – from unemployment and financial hardship, to ill health onto discrimination based on race, creed, gender re-assignment and more.

How Your Donation Will Help

Your donation could buy food, shelter, clean clothes, travel and other assistance – but the difference between what it could buy, and what it actually provides, is huge.

For those facing the streets night after night, those pounds and pence that you compassionately give will contribute towards…

  • Assisting us in providing the tailored mentorship that those who are homeless so sorely need and meeting their needs
  • Helping those in need on entering the workforce
  • Assisting with budgeting and other practical help

For others who are homeless but housed, it may mean…

  • Escaping a violent partner, dangerous living environment or rogue landlord
  • Finally laying down roots in a home, rather than a B and B
  • Intervening before these vulnerable people wind up on the streets

For those who discriminated against – persecuted and oppressed, it could lead to…

  • The right legal advice
  • Rebuilding confidence
  • Access to a network of those who are, or who have, suffered the same


Help us empower someone in need to improve their life by donating either your time or money.