Picture a homeless person in your mind. Be honest – who do you see?

Chances are what you know and what you understand about homelessness is wrong.

Homelessness could happen to anyone

Homeless individuals are incredibly vulnerable, but let’s be clear here – they are also people who have promise and potential, if only given the opportunity.

We are here. And we help the homeless…

It all sounds so simple to most of us. A roof, a bed, a hot drink, a warm meal. Then stability, and eventually a job – reconnecting with family and re-friends along the way.
But if this sounds like charity, we should set the record straight – this is just as much about the determination of those we help, as it is about your donations.

We work alongside them – mentoring them and supporting them – both financially and in other ways. Ultimately, our aim is for them to become self-sufficient. And this can’t be done without your support, nor their resolve, for that matter.

Our Mission
of homeless females are there because they wanted to escape violence.
of our homeless are army veterans – almost all of whom have PTSD.
of us are far closer to homelessness than we think… this 37% are just a paycheque away from being unable to pay their rent/mortgage.
in 10 adults having experienced homelessness at some point one in every 200 people today being classified as homeless.
homeless people died last year – an increase of more than double in the past five years.
have died in London alone over these five years (streets that are meant to be ‘paved with gold’).


Help us empower someone in need to improve their life by donating either your time or money.